Melvin's Deli Comfort 

**ALL MEATS CURED IN HOUSE** Bacon - Ham - Corned Beef - Pastrami - Roast Beef - Duck Confit - Pork Belly Confit **ALL MEATS CURED IN HOUSE**                           

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We are your spot for real, house-cured deli meats and confit. We offer a variety of traditional sandwiches as well as homemade condiments and meats by the pound. Among our offerings are pastrami, ham, bacon, corned beef, as well as duck and pork belly confit. From a traditional Reuben or Croque Monsieur to a hot Italian Beef or BLT we strive to provide Austin with quality food and a dedication to upholding the original constructions of these great dishes.

Everything is made by hand and prepared under strict controls. Quantities may be limited based on product availability and demand.